The Natural Circle is family owned and run regenerative farm based in Jarrahdale. We are a family of ‘Nature Jedi’ committed to sustainable living, our animal clan, permaculture practices, holistic management and working with nature to support a healthy lifestyle.

We provide farm direct produce including fresh spray free seasonal produce, value-added products and handmade artisan pieces all derived and grown on our farm.

At the heart of the Natural Circle ethos is sustainability, regeneration as well as connecting with the land and our animal clan to make a better future.


From our family to yours…

Olive Oil (750ml bottle, 5 litre can & 250ml server bottle)
Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil from our grove in Jarrahdale. The Natural Circle Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an all rounder for every palette and enhances the flavour of every dish.

Labels feature a photo of our ‘branch manager’ border collie models, Shadow and Miley, taken this Winter 2020 in our Minerva olive grove. Enjoy this delicious gift of Nature’s ‘liquid gold’.

Raw Honey (Seasonal Jarrah, Marri & Wildflower/Natives)
Pure raw honey collected from our hives on and bottled with love. It is a family affair, we do everything from our own beekeeping, collecting, processing, bottling to labelling our jars. We maintain all our hives on our farm in Jarrahdale.

Pure Raw Honeycomb
Our pure raw honeycomb is directly from the farms’ hives in Jarrahdale. We do not tamper or alter the natural composition of our honeycomb. We do not heat or filter this either to change what our honeybees have done naturally. This ensures you receive this honeycomb as nature intended.

Seasonal Produce
As we build our orchard and growing areas, we will provide farm direct and seasonal produce as it grows.

We look forward to sharing with you at the Serpentine Jarrahdale Farmers’ market. See you Saturdays!