Longvalley Orchard began way back in the late fifties when Vincenzo Trichilo first purchased his own plot of Aussie soil in Jarrahdale. By 1961, wife and firstborn joined him and as the farm grew,, so did the family. Tony Trichilo was the fourth of six children, and the only son, so the legacy of farming the land became his.

Over time, Longvalley Orchard changed from growing potatoes and some of the best tomatoes in the area to a fruit orchard. Under Tony’s guiding hand more apples and stonefruit were grown.

His philosophy still revolves around ‘IF YOU CANT EAT IT, DON’T PICK IT’!


At this time, Longvalley Orchard grows 3 types of apples, a large selection of nectarines and a smattering of other farm direct fruit and vegetables.

This is the produce we wish to showcase at our local Farmers Market. Tony is proud of the quality and flavour of his produce and he would love to share this with our local community.