The Australian Bee Company is a small family run business based in Mandurah, Western Australia. Run by husband and wife team, Bryan and Kate, with their 3 kids. Yes, they are beekeepers and have their own hives! They move their hives around Western Australia to collect a wide variety of honey, ensuring that there is always a range of flavours and products to choose from.

Australian Bee Company provide 100% unprocessed raw honey, creamed honey, honeycomb and bee pollen.

If you haven’t tried their products – you must!


Bryan and Kate are always looking for new varieties and items to add to their product list so don’t be afraid to ask! They are passionate beekeepers and love learning more about bees and honey every day. It is an amazing job to have and yes, apparently they do get stung often!

They are always looking for new locations for hives, to bring you a diverse range of honey tastes, so if you have a large property that they could put our hives on, please do not hesitate to contact them.